Ibiza Ice | National Pomegranate Month

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love all of the national days and months! I feel as though its only relatively recently that people have begun to pay attention to them, but I think they’re a great excuse to appreciate and enjoy every day things. This month, November, is national pomegranate month. To celebrate, Palm PR kindly sent me two Ibiza Ice sparkling fruit wines to try out, in the flavours lychee and obviously– pomegranate! I was so pleased to receive these because I absolutely love both lychee and pomegranate! I enjoy the odd (sweet) white wine or rosé, so these … Continue reading Ibiza Ice | National Pomegranate Month

Lip Products | A/W Beauty Saviours

When the weather gets colder and we’re well into Autumn, headed into Winter, one thing that I really hate is how dry and chapped my lips can become. That is unless I combat the dryness with products! I’ve rounded up a few of the best lip products I’ve found to help keep your lips looking luscious during this time of year. Lush, Bubblegum Lip Scrub  The smell alone is enough to sell you this product, but its also great for scrubbing away all the dead skin and getting your lips back to their original, un-chapped condition. Dr PawPaw Original Original Balm  I received this … Continue reading Lip Products | A/W Beauty Saviours

October Favourites

Products The Ordinary Foundation I purchased this in October and have really been loving it for day to day use. If you’d like my more in depth thoughts on the product you can read my review; Ordinary or Worth the Hype? Bayliss and Harding Sugar Sprinkles Bath Foam and Hand Wash Honestly, this stuff smells insanely good, who doesn’t want to smell like sugar sprinkles? I bought the hand wash originally and loved the scent so much that I had to search to see if they made any other products in it! Essie A Sprinkle in Pink Duo  I feel … Continue reading October Favourites

The Liebster Award

Firstly I wanted to say thank you so much to Laura, over at AIMH for nominating me! I love to get involved in things like this so that I am able to find new bloggers and so I can spread the word about the ones that I have been loving! However, I’m not a huge fan of ‘rules’ on posts like these, so I’ll be following the general structure instead! Sorry! Get to Know Me! – The Questions I was asked What’s been your biggest blogging achievement? Being sent my first ‘gifted’ item from a brand alongside a discount code for my … Continue reading The Liebster Award