The Wolseley

A Long Weekend of Food

The month of July; I’ve been trying to stay on top of healthy eating as much as possible day to day, as we have a beach holiday booked for next month. Healthy eating is hard for me; I’m a foodie, and my partner is a feeder, we love eating out and don’t have usually have the best discipline when it comes to food, but you’re allowed a treat day right?! Try treat weekend, an au revoir to the delicious unhealthy stuff.

During the Friday- Sunday in question, we visited two great restaurants that I have to rave about.. and we also got a Chinese takeaway, oops.

Friday, 14th July: Bourgee, a steak and lobster lounge in Bury St Edmunds. Before last Friday I had never heard of this chain, but they have a few restaurants across the UK and if you have one near you, I would definitely find an excuse to go.


The drinks menu is incredible, I have a sweet tooth when it comes to cocktails, and went for the ‘Bourgee Punch’, a passionfruit based cocktail. I have to say a lot of the cocktails were on the sweeter side but there were a couple that weren’t. They also have an extensive spirit and wine list including a luxury menu, featuring the Ace of Spades Gold champagne which would set you back a mere £1000 per bottle.


Alongside a cocktail menu which felt like it was written solely for me, Bourgee had one of the best, most extensive menus I’ve seen in ages. If I could fault it in any way it would be that there was almost too much choice, most of the dishes were strong contenders and it took me a while to decide simply because I would have been more than happy with pretty much anything on the menu. Perhaps the most shocking part of the whole experience was the price, in a good way! I enjoy fine dining and am more than happy to pay above average prices if I am receiving above average food in a nice setting, but I didn’t need to! These guys have an à la carte menu which offer fair prices for the food and the standard of it, but they also have a set two course lunch menu for £12.50! I’ve been known to spend that kind of money in McDonalds for gods sake, so no, I am not going to begrudge paying it here. We added deserts to the meal for the standard price, but unfortunately they looked so good I didn’t even get a photo because I was too concentrated on the eating of it.


Saturday, 15th July: The Wolseley, a European café restaurant in London, neighbour to the Ritz. The Wolseley has a great luxury menu, offering foods which aren’t too common in restaurants over here, for example ‘escargots’, or snails to you and me. I definitely wasn’t brave enough for anything that adventurous though, and played it safe with a half lobster. The prices were more here, but were fair for its location, the standard, and the impeccable service. I felt like they would do their best to cater to anything I asked of them; they were fully booked, but fit us in without a reservation (and I could really get used to someone opening doors for me).

The Wolseley

On the Sunday we got a local Chinese take away, just for good measure, although this wasn’t nearly as photogenic. Now that I’m sat here dribbling over the memory of all that amazing food I’m really not looking forward to my healthy dinner.

If there are any great places to eat that you can think of I’d love some recommendations!

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