Buying Fine Jewellery

How to | Buying Fine Jewellery

I discovered my love for fine jewellery just before my sixteenth, when my mum took me into an antique shop in Ely and asked me to pick something out for my birthday. I received the gold diamond ring that I had chosen in a beautiful burgundy leather box fittingly trimmed with gold. Firstly, I was terrified, I couldn’t even keep a pair of earrings safe for more than a week before I lost one if not both, how was I supposed to look after something this valuable? I soon decided though, that it was pointless having something so special if I was never to wear it, and six years later it is rarely, if ever, removed from my finger. Since I received this I have placed a sentimental importance on jewellery which has seen me appreciate and invest in it in an entirely different way.

Buying Fine Jewellery

Like any girl, I’m guilty of picking up one too many cheap necklaces or bracelets from your standard high street shops. I think that its great to have a selection of high street jewellery for some things, expensive jewellery just isn’t appropriate for all situations.. for example I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking a selection to chose from if you’re headed off to a festival or a girls party holiday for the weekend. I also think that high street jewellery is great for experimenting the trends and making sure you have a good selection of jewellery to choose from. For instance I love the look of the very thin metal chain chokers you know which ones I mean, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to blow a few hundred pounds on fine jewellery in this style just for it to pass and never want to wear it again.

Buying Fine Jewellery

How to Buy | My Three Steps:

Always choose classic: Unless you have enough money to waste on expensive jewellery that’s a passing trend and is unlikely to stay relevant, then put down any styles that you wouldn’t have seen around last year and you can’t picture being available next year. Yes everyone will love that diamond choker or unicorn head charm now, and yes you’ll probably get a fair few likes on Instagram, but people won’t think its so cool next year when a completely different trend has rolled around. Tiffany is one of my favourite jewellers for that classic look that you can wear over and over. The first item I bought was the infinity necklace (above), that was over five years ago and its still retailing in their stores and online. Yes some of their jewellery is in the same price range as a decent car or a house deposit(!!!) but not all of it is. On their website they have a ‘£300 and under’ gifts section, I know that kind of money sounds like a lot but when you compare it with how much you’ve spent altogether on that Pandora bracelet is it really that bad?

Be certain: For the average person, buying fine jewellery on a whim isn’t the best idea. I usually have a rule for anything over a certain amount of money: if I see something I really like then I wait a month, if I still want it after that then its fair game. This is the opposite to my high street strategy where I buy what I want when I see it, for fear of never being able to find it again. Anywhere selling fine jewellery will be happy to give you the details of the item so that you’re able to find it online or know what to ask for when you go back in person for it.

Do your research: Luxury retail is still the same ball park as high street retail, you can buy some high end jewellery directly from the brand in store, online or through a department store like Selfridges, Harrods or John Lewis. Sometimes these places will charge different amounts or offer different promotions which means that you could get the same thing cheaper somewhere else. Give the product a quick google before you buy it and either you’ll find a slightly better deal, or you’ll be able to buy it with the peace of mind that you’ve got a fair price.

If you follow these steps I’m pretty certain you’ll be super happy with your new jewellery and will wear it to death like I do mine.

Buying Fine Jewellery

Like I’ve mentioned before, the majority of my jewellery holds sentimental value to me and I wouldn’t usually buy it or be brought it for no reason. I love linking jewellery to memories; from the special birthdays, to the trips abroad to being maid of honour to my best friend and receiving a thank you in the form of a necklace. Whenever I wear these pieces they feel more special than just what they are at face value.

Does anyone else own anything that holds sentimental value for them? I’d love to know if other people make similar connections!

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