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How To | Healthy Hair

After years of being fed up by how thin and lifeless my hair can be, its only recently, within the last year or so, that I’ve placed a much larger importance on looking after it, and actively trying to make an improvement. The biggest and best step that I took was finding a hairdresser who I actually trust, who listens to what my hair goals are and helps me make them a reality. I’d had enough of putting up with the hairdressers that take way too much off the ends, who make you want to cry when you get home and see what a mess they’ve made and you realise I’ve had to pay for this. For a long while before I found my current hair saviour and I’m not even being dramatic when I call him that.. I spent so much time and money on hundreds of products which promised me thickness, restoration, protection, shine.. the list goes on.  I was scared of hairdressers and it took a really long time for me to find products that actually work for me. I genuinely think that my hairdresser and my current hair routine have both saved my hair, I’m so much happier with it and it has become so much thicker and healthier.

Healthy Hair

Before I talk about my routine I firstly have to introduce my new holy grail hair product: Olaplex. My hairdresser recommended this treatment to me the first time I ever saw him and I’ve had one every time since. I am completely obsessed and attribute so much of how much healthier my hair has become to this one brand. My salon charges £15 for the treatment alone but I now have it as a standard part of my appointment. Olaplex comes in different concentrations and my hairdresser gives me whichever he thinks I need depending on my hair that day. They also sell a take home formula which they name No3 for use once a week. This is slightly less concentrated but really has been doing amazing things for my hair. The No3 formula is £32 for 100ml which seems like a lot but honestly it’s so worth it and I’d really recommend trying it if you have colour treated hair.

My Hair Routine:

Day to day:

Everyone knows that over washing your hair is really bad for it; I try and wash mine every three days, but this does depend on how hot it is and what I’ve been doing over those days, sometimes it needs to be washed after two. I try and mix up the shampoo and conditioning products to keep my hair guessing, but my favourite at the moment are the Bedhead Resurrection products, and Aussie products, in particular the Volume Shampoo, which I cannot recommend enough for anyone with fine hair.

Healthy Hair

Once my hair is washed I towel dry it with an old cotton t shirt, then comb, (not brush, ever) through it. I then always use some kind of leave in conditioner, the one I’m using at the moment is the Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk. Sometimes I try and let my hair air-dry so that it gets a break from the heat, but if I am blowdrying I always use some kind of heat protector. I used to be so lazy with products like these but consistency in using heat defence really is what will save your hair.

Healthy Hair

Recently I’ve started taking one Boots own Skin Hair and Nails capsule per day, my friend recommended these to me and gave me hers as they were working so well for her that she couldn’t keep up with dying her hair so often! I never would have ordinarily tried these without the recommendation but I genuinely have noticed a difference in the speed of the growth of my hair and how healthy it is.


At least once a week I use some kind of mask on my hair, I love the Osmo deep moisture mask and Aussie ones in general. I also love leaving coconut oil on the lengths and ends of my hair overnight the night before I wash it, I feel like this has really made a difference to the condition of my hair. I tend to alternate these products and find that mixing them up is the best way to keep my hair at its healthiest.

Healthy Hair

Six Weekly:

I try and get to the salon every six weeks, my hairdresser gets really booked up so I always book my next appointment every time I’m there and go for whatever date he can fit me in. During the appointment I literally show him images of looks that I like; usually ones I’ve found on instagram, and he offers up suggestions on what he can do. I trust him with my hair completely and basically let him take the reins with it. Like I’ve already mentioned , every time I have an appointment I get an Olaplex treatment, he also colours my hair, as I have recently been going lighter.

Healthy Hair


I hope this has been helpful, I’d love to know if anyone else loves these products as much as I do or if anyone has any recommendations of their own? 

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