High End Fragrance

Luxury Fragrance | Spring Summer Edit

Long gone are the simple times of popping into Superdrug to pick up my favourite Impulse or So?… body sprays. Nowadays, to the dismay of my bank account, I’m definitely someone who preaches investing in luxury fragrance. My taste in perfume is probably best described as fresh, I love clean and sharp scents; think citrus fruits, ocean waves and freshly cut grass; all of the refreshing smells that just wake me up and cheer me up. There are so many gorgeous luxury fragrances which are inspired by Spring, and these are my favourites.

High End Fragrance

Its funny how smells can be such powerful triggers to fond memories. My absolute go-to perfume is Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay, not only because of its scent, but for more sentimental reasons too. My partner bought it for me at the airport en route to Mexico, which was our first holiday together. The smell of it takes me back to such a happy time… I have such positive connotations that I think it will remain a favourite for years to come. Marc Jacobs Daisy is less sentimental, but induces thoughts of carefree girls skipping through fields in summer, stringing together daisy chains; a faint memory of their adverts.

High End Fragrance

I think that its so important to have staples in life.. products or clothing that you can reach for, which immediately act as a pick up on days where you need that extra boost of confidence. The two above, plus Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom are all scent forms of this for me. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t reach for these all year round, but during Spring and Summer they’re absolute essentials. Its funny how something invisible can boost your confidence and make you feel so expensive and like you got this. Don’t get me wrong, for days spent at work or headed to the gym, I’ll still reach for less precious perfumes,  like my Rihanna one, but mostly I reach for luxury fragrance.


High End Fragrance

These are the top three perfumes that I’d recommend for wear over the warmer months. I’m always on the look out for nice ones that I haven’t tried yet, so please let me know your own staples!

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