August Favourites

Here we are, at the beginning of September and into the official final few weeks of the British summer. August has been a good month for me, with some nice weather and days off work spending quality time with my other half (which is rare as we’re both workaholics). These are my August favourites:



I absolutely love visiting London, and this trip was such a great day out partly because the Selfridges Beauty Hall is one of my favourite places in the world (sad I know but I’m just obsessed). One of the highlights of the day was our visit to the cutest little cupcake shop that you’ve ever seen; Peggy Porschen Cakes. The shop itself was gorgeous (and totally instagramable) and they served me the nicest slice of cake I’ve maybe ever eaten, seriously.

August Favourites


Our day trip to Brancaster beach was another favourite of the month, we were so lucky with the weather and popped to a really nice pub/ restaurant called The Dabbling Duck en route. We spent a little time eating and drinking in their beer garden before heading for a long stroll down the beach, Mr Whippy in hand.

August Favourites


Urban Decay Eye Shadow | Midnight Rodeo

I fell in love with this the moment I laid eyes on it (again thanks to the Selfridges Beauty Hall). This is the most gorgeous colour and it works well both alone and on top of other shadows to add a bit of sparkle. This is so glittery so its probably not the most fitting shade for the office (not that thats dissuaded me, obviously) but I just can’t get enough of it.

August Favourites

No7 Face Wipes

My friend introduced me to these (thanks again Jolanda) as you can buy them so much cheaper with the No7 £5 off vouchers that Boots have been circulating recently. I’ve never been that fussy about which face wipes I use as I only have them to take off the bulk of my make up before cleansing. These however, are really nice and feel a much higher quality than ones I’ve used before. When using them I feel as though they are actually benefitting my skin.

Mac Strobe Cream

I’m not sure how much this counts because I don’t yet actually own any of these as full sized products! It was on my list of bits to pick one up from the Selfridges Beauty Hall but when I asked the MAC lady which shade she would recommend she suggested that I take samples to try so that I could make an informed decision before I actually made a purchase. I’ve been using these ever since and they just give such a nice glow, my favourite shade of the ones I’ve tried has to be Goldlite.

August Favourites


Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes

These are an old favourite but August has been the first month in a pretty long time that I’ve purchased them, thank you Boots 3 for 2. I absolutely love these lashes, they’re dramatic but in a believable way, if that makes sense. I find a lot of lashes look too long therefore ridiculous on me, but I think that these are just perfect.

Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream

This is a new product for me which I bought using my Boots advantage card points (clearly I spend wayyy too much money in Boots). I’ve always had horrible dark under-eye circles which I can usually hide with concealer, but which isn’t so attractive when bare faced! Recently I have also found that my under-eye area has been much more dry than usual, which means that its not only itchy and uncomfortable, but its not very pretty either. I’ve been using this cream every morning in the hopes that it not only keeps my under-eye moisturised throughout the day, but that it brightens and generally helps the entire under-eye situation! Its worth saying that I do think that this is a pretty expensive product for how much of it you actually get in the jar, but it has made a considerable difference to the dryness in particular, and a slight improvement to the darkness.


August Favourites


Fresh Flowers

Another not so new or original favourite, but during August I’ve just absolutely loved having fresh flowers around the house. My parter has come home with a surprise bunch a few times which is always lovely, and I feel like they can just brighten a room with such little effort (plus they’ve been great for using in my blog photography).

August Favourites

I’d love to know if any of these things have ever been favourites of yours too!?

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