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With my second short haul trip of the year only a week away, its definitely time for me to learn from the mistakes of my previous trip and get myself prepared. One of the biggest downers to a holiday can be lost luggage, I know this because BA decided not to bother packing mine on the same flight as me homebound from Rome. Luckily it was the return journey so it was a slight inconvenience (we weren’t reunited with our belongings for more than a week) rather than a total mess up. Regardless, I’ve learnt from my mistakes (going back to work after your holiday with a face full of your back up make up isn’t ideal) and am getting super prepared with my carry on luggage this time around. I’m a huge fan of list making and I’ve created five categories of things that I need to pack in my carry on.


I thanked my lucky stars that I was wearing my expensive jewellery on the way back from Rome, rather than having put it in my luggage to be lost for over a week. If its valuable to you at all, or especially for sentimental reasons (that can’t be covered by insurance) then wear it on the plane, pack it safely in your carry on, or just don’t even take it.

Your best pair of sunglasses are definitely a must have for your carry on. Picture walking off the plane putting your sunglasses on with a flick of the hair vs not being able to find your taxi because you’re squinting so much that your eyes are nearly closed. I know which version of myself I’d rather be. I’m loving my new pair from Reveuse online, if you like them too, then head over and use promo code ‘sophie10’ at the checkout for 10% off (this applies to all items not just my sunglasses).

Carry On Luggage


Yes I’m talking about food. This is blatantly the most important of it all, no matter how long the flight is I always have a bag full of treats. I hate aeroplane food. Every single time I’ve tried it, no matter what airline, it makes me feel sick. I now pop into Boots or the like and purchase a meal deal for myself, if its a long enough journey. If its only short haul like my flight next week, then I’ll just grab myself a drink and stock up on sweets and goodies to get me through the flight.

Make up bag

This is a given, but aside from the usual mascara and lippy etc., I like to pack a few extras for the carry on edition of my make up bag; face wipes, a mirrored powder compact, hand sanitiser, plasters, tablets (standard ibuprofen, paracetamol etc. plus any you have to take, e.g. the pill). Plus don’t forget your toothbrush and a mini toothpaste, your bag going missing is no excuse for bad breath!

Carry On Luggage

Back Ups

I don’t mean to bore you with this whole fear of missing luggage thing, but spare underwear is essential. Can you imagine the horror of missing luggage and no spare socks or knickers? Just don’t risk it. I’ll also be packing a spare t-shirt and my phone charger just in case.

On Flight Entertainment

I usually go way overboard on this as I get fed up so easily when on a plane, especially on the way back when you haven’t even got anything to look forward to, or any holiday plans to make. If you ever see me on a plane I can guarantee you that I’ll have my phone, iPad, earphones, a book and a magazine with me. This list is completely unaffected by how long my flight is. As short haul flights don’t usually play movies, I think its almost even more important to pack your own entertainment. My phone will have a playlist all up and running and my iPad will have a Disney movie or two loaded on to it in preparation.


I have exactly a week to get myself completely prepared for holiday so if I’ve missed anything glaringly obvious or you have any handy pointers then you’d be doing me a huge favour if you could let me know!

14 thoughts on “How To | Packing Carry On Luggage

  1. I always pack food too, you can never be sure what you’re going to get on a flight so I’d rather have some snacks that I can stomach lol.

    Sometimes I take a book with me on a flight ☺️

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  2. Having backups is a great idea. I spend so much time making sure that I have everything I need packed away in my suitcase that I’ve never thought what may happen if I lose it. Great post!


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