How To | Increase Twitter Followers 5k+

I’ve been working super hard on trying to improve and grow my social media channels recently. These are just a few techniques which I’ve picked up over the years and have found to work for myself, particularly with regards to twitter. Hopefully they’ll work for you too!


Lift yourself by lifting others. Liking, replying and just generally interacting with other twitter users is a great thing to do. It will not only help them, but will also get your name out there for more people to see and more people to follow. These users are also more than likely going to really appreciate the interaction and may return the favour, which again, will spread your name to other twitter users. Interaction is also a great way of building relationships with others, therefore lowering your risk of being randomly unfollowed. Basically the more sociable you are, the better.

Be Positive

Even the best of us have certain days where its hard not to vent or generally be a negative nelly, but please keep this off of twitter! This especially applies to those using their twitter as a blog and/or business account.

Be aware of how your followers are going to receive negative tweets and/or a lot of complaining. Do you want to follow someone who is constantly moaning about some girl they work with or that they have a headache? No! Unless you’re going to put a funny, relatable spin on it, then honestly, its just boring and annoying. I’ve had twitter for quite a while and went through a period of time a few years ago when I really overshared. As a result I lost a noticeable amount of followers. Sometimes you need to look at what you’re about to publish with a critical eye and decide whether people will actually want to see it or whether you’re just needlessly venting.

Stay Active

The more active your twitter account is, the better. I’m not advising you to tweet mundane rubbish if you have nothing else to say, just to stay active, but why would anyone who comes across your page follow you if your last tweet was a month ago? A couple (or more) of quality tweets per day will keep you relevant, and keep your users interested in you and what you have to say. This will also lower your chances of losing followers and heighten your chances of gaining them.

Self Promotion

Got other social media channels? Of course you do. Use these to promote your twitter, link your @ into your Instagram bio or add social links into your blog.. you get the idea. Learn to not be ashamed of self-promotion, if people like you on one channel they’ll often be interested in following you in other ways, make it easy for them or they probably won’t bother.

Twitter Giveaways

This is a bit of a love it or hate it kind of topic, some people love them but unfortunately I’ve known some people to think of them as more subtle way of buying followers, a huge no no.

Personally, I like giveaways. I like participating in those of other users and I like holding them as a way of thanking my followers and celebrating milestones. Not only will a lot of your usual followers participate, but you have a high chance of gaining new ones who want to be in with a chance! (Remember to make it clear that only entries by people who follow you will count). NEVER run fake giveaways, and never run them with a sole intention of gaining followers. Gaining new followers is definitely a bonus but my motive has always been to connect with existing users, to make them feel valued and to more actively participate in the twitter community.


know that follower stats on social media aren’t the be all and end all, but when you’re a blogger or influencer trying to grow and convince brands to work with you, then it can damn near feel like it. This isn’t a post meant to suggest to anyone that they haven’t got enough followers or anything along those lines, its simply meant to be a constructive post aimed at those who are interested in growing their following.

Please let me know if any of these pointers have helped you, or if you have any other tips on how to grow followers? I’m always interested in learning new social media strategies!

15 thoughts on “How To | Increase Twitter Followers 5k+

  1. I am guilty of having used Twitter as a venting tool. It felt like the one place where I could get things off my chest. However, I haven’t been doing it as much lately, as I do try to stay positive. These are nice tips. 🙂

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  2. Being friendly and engaging with others is a sure way to gain followers. As a blogger you can set up your blog to automatically tweet out your new posts, and there are always blog chats and other bloggers on twitter who are looking to connect if you just figure out some of the right hashtags or search for them.

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