Mickey Minnie Mugs

Disney | Primark Haul 

Fun fact; Disney is one of my favourite things in the world.

I’ll try and get my hands on pretty much anything Disney themed, and as I’m sure you know- Primark has been absolutely killing it recently. They have some really cute Disney bits and bobs for a super affordable price (much more affordable than the new Disney Pandora Collection anyway). Here are a few things that I’ve managed to get my hands on and have been loving recently.

Primark Mickey Mouse Backpack
Mickey Mouse Backpack
Beauty and the Beast Pyjamas
Beauty and the Beast Pyjamas
Mickey Minnie Mugs
Beauty and the Beast Chip Keyring Keychain
Chip Keyring Keychain

Have you picked up any Disney pieces from Primark? Which are your favourite? I’d love to know if theres any other bits that I need to try and get my hands on!

38 thoughts on “Disney | Primark Haul 

    1. Ah thats so good to hear! I’m so obsessed with Disney too! Although I really must stop buying all of their merchandise or I won’t ever afford to go back haha!
      Fingers crossed they’ll bring some more out! Long sleeved is pretty essential at this time of year!xx

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  1. How cute is that backpack?! I want it so much now. It’s not even a ‘want’, it’s a ‘need’ 😀 if I see anything Disney related and I’m on it straight away! Great haul ❤

    Julia xx

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