Disney for Pandora

You may have already gathered that I’m a sucker for anything Disney, and was far too excited when I heard that they were teaming up with Pandora! I’m a tiny bit late on the hype here, but only because I wanted to wait until I had viewed the collection in person and made my first purchases until I spoke about it.

My partner (thank you again Jamie) offered to buy me something from the collection as I was so excited about it, and the poor guy ended up buying me two charms. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, plus I couldn’t be the monster that separated Minnie and Mickey! The ones I got are both clips so sit each side of my bracelet and I’m so happy with them!

Disney Pandora Charms Mickey and Minnie
Mickey Mouse Charm and Minnie Mouse Charm 

I have to say, most of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous, and I think that they’re much prettier in person than they are online (where I thought some pieces looked quite tacky). I am however, a little disappointed that the price point for their Disney is so much higher, as I would certainly be buying more of them if they weren’t almost double!?! the price of their normal charms.

I really can’t wait to see what else they come up with, but for now, heres a couple of other pieces from the collection that are on my wish list!

Disney Pandora
Mickey Bracelet, Mickey All Around Spacer and Pearlescent Mickey Charm 

I was very excited to hear that Disney and Pandora have apparently agreed a 10 year contract and will be releasing more cute little charms, yay! I’d love to see some Winnie the Pooh and Little Mermaid themed charms, are there any other characters that you’d like to be aded to the collection?


14 thoughts on “Disney for Pandora

  1. I was so excited to see Disnay doing a collection with Pandora. I was thinking of getting them for my best friend birthday. She loves Mickey and Minnie. I didn’t expect the price to be a bit high as well. They should have brought Donald Duck to this collection.

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  2. I am not a fan of pandora jewellery because I find its overpriced for the fact it’s made of silver but this post has made me rethink this. This is such a beautiful range. I am totally sold on it.

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