Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping | All Wrapped Up

Is there any better feeling than mastering the art of gift wrapping at Christmas time? Your scissors glide effortlessly through the wrapping paper, you manage to cut off the exact size paper you need, and impossible six inch ribbon curls honey? you got it.

I’m one of those Christmas freaks who love gift wrapping. Granted I have no children so don’t have to frantically work through hundreds of presents (which Santa will unashamedly take all the credit for) in secret, but I’ll indulge in ribbons, present decorations and all the glitter I can get my hands on for as long as I can!


Heres a few of my perfect gift wrapping tips and essentials so you can effortlessly wrap with all of the Christmas spirited love and care that you can muster!

Gift Wrapping Sets

Why make life difficult and try and source everything individually? Waitrose have some gorgeous wrapping sets which are not only super affordable but provide you with all of the makings of a perfectly presented gift.

Little Extras

I love checking out local garden centres which usually have a huge range of little personalised gifts. This year I got the personalised ‘Daisy’ Snowman tin (as in above image) and last I found a personalised bauble. These look great as part of the gift wrapping ‘name tags’ but are also cute little keepsakes!

Waitrose also have a gorgeous ribbon and twine selection, I’m a huge fan of their red and white Christmas Butchers Twine which helps you to achieve a rustic yet polished present.


Shake Things Up

Using one same wrapping paper design is going to leave for a very boring underneath the tree display of presents. Most stores have 3 for 2 offers on their wrapping paper, so I always pick at least three different designs in a variety of Christmassy colours (think reds, golds and silvers). Not only will the gifts look great under your tree, but presents for different recipients are easier to identify too.

Box Them Up

When getting your gifts all wrapped up, theres always at least one that you kick yourself for buying because of the awkward shape, or is that just me? If you know its going to be a hassle then don’t even bother. You know all of those online orders that you made which came in cardboard boxes that you usually spend hours on flattening to recycle? Use them! Box the awkward gift in one of those, chuck in some confetti and tissue paper, and enjoy wrapping a perfectly square box instead of a star shape or something equally as awkward. You’re welcome!

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? Let me know if you have any other handy tips or favourite wrapping products!

23 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Wrapping | All Wrapped Up

  1. Not going to lie – I usually really dislike having to wrap presents!! I normally have to properly get myself in the mood, stick on a christmas movie and get them all done in one go, but mine never turn out as aesthetically pleasing as yours look! Will definitely be using these tips to try and up my wrapping game!xx

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