Oh Christmas Tree… 

Is there anything more Christmassy than a Christmas tree?

I decorated my own a week or so ago, but I’m a sucker for continuing to buy decorations throughout the month (even though I really don’t need any more)! One of my favourite things to do is visit stores between Christmas and New Year and purchase loads of gorgeous (and expensive) baubles (naturally they always go on sale after Christmas so you can get them for really good prices). I’m so nosey when it comes to wanting to see other peoples Christmas trees and how they’ve chosen to decorate them, so I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite decorations that hang on my own!

Christmas Tree Decorations
S- Christmas gift from last year. Bauble-The White Company
Christmas Tree Decorations
Jamie- Local garden centre. Silver Bauble- Waitrose

Christmas Tree Decorations

I love seeing other peoples Christmas decorations, so if you have any posts which feature your own please feel free to leave a link in the comments!

53 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree… 

  1. I’m the same when it comes to buying decorations I’m addicted! I love all your decorations that you’ve shown they’re beautiful! I have a bigger version of the jingle bell star but it’s a reef version! Xx

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  2. Such lovely decorations on your tree, I love them. I wont be seeing a Christmas tree until Friday when I go back home for Christmas, living as a student we don’t have a tree up.. Plenty of fairy lights though!

    Carly x

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  3. These are beautiful!! Our christmas tree always looks slightly chaotic as me and both my sisters have picked a new decoration each year for the tree since we were tiny, meaning there is absolutely no colour co-ordination (or taste!!) on there at all hahahah!! I love the photos in this post as well!xx

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  4. Of course there is nothing more Christmasssy than a Christmas tree. I love to see beautiful Christmas decorations especially the Christmas Tree. You decorated yours beautifully. I love the fairy lights and glittery hangings. Beautiful! 🙂

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  5. Your tree is gorgeous! I love buying ornaments after Christmas too, especially if I’ve thought up a theme for next years tree. I was so happy of my tree this year then my mother came over to clean my house one day and she threw all those silver tinsel “ice cycles” all over it. Now the cat and I are at war, hah.

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  6. Those are so beautiful! I also LOVE purchasing Christmas ornaments, but usually, I’m having to put them on someone else’s tree, I can’t wait until I purchase my first house and decorate my tree myself! your ornament picks are beautiful!!


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