Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Exactly one week prior to the big day, I headed off to London to visit Winter Wonderland. I’ve always been aware of all of the hype surrounding Winter Wonderland, but have never found the time to visit during previous Christmas periods. I always love visiting the big city and had a wonderful day, but want to share the highs, lows, and which aspects are worth spending your heard earned money on at this event during the most expensive month of the year.

You Need to go to…

Bar Ice is a total novelty event. The clue is in the name and Bar Ice is quite literally a whole bar, walls, glasses n’ all, made of ice. Its a very cool (no pun intended) experience and its so fun to just do something completely out of the ordinary. Pre-booking any event also means that you get fast track access into Winter Wonderland itself, so a shorter queue is an added bonus!


Thor’s Tipi Bar is the perfect way to warm your fingers after wandering around a frosty Winter Wonderland. A warm and cosy bar with a host of different festive drink options and a couple of atmospheric fire pits, this was one of the highlights of my Winter Wonderland experience.


Don’t Bother With…

Observation Wheel we paid £45 for a private pod, although we really needn’t have as they seemed to only be allocating four people to a pod anyway. The queue was roughly a ten minute wait, the pod was rocking and the doors didn’t close properly which left us absolutely freezing. It wasn’t a terrible experience but it definitely wasn’t worth either the wait or the money.

There is a Bratwurst stall around every corner. I was so excited about trying these but my expectations were too high! They’re literally a chewy version of those cheap American style hot dogs that come in a can and need to be boiled! I’m so glad I tried a little of Jamie’s before buying my own, because it was underwhelming to say the least.


In summary I had a wonderfully festive day which began at Covent Garden and ended at Selfridges. I hope that everyone else is enjoying their run up to Christmas! If you’ve been to Winter Wonderland and have any favourites then please comment and help a girl plan next years trip!

28 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Ew! Hot dogs aren’t bratwursts! What a disappointment! So cool there are annual festivities in London! In NYC we have annual holiday markets that spring up in parks, some with things like huge trees and ice rinks, but we don’t have stuff like pop up freeze bars or a carousel! I mean, I get it, NYC is too crowded for a carousel…but would be amazing to have something that you can go on to see the whole city’s night scape!
    Happy holidays!!!

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  2. I don’t think we have something like a Winter Wonderland here. I know they used to put up stalls in Amsterdam alongside the shopping centre in ‘German’ style (like you see at those Christmas markets) WITH bratwursts on every corner, but I don’t think they do that any more. However they do still put up this massive ice rink at Museumplein (Museum square, literally the square which connects all the big museums), but that’s certainly no real contender… A gap in the market! Perhaps you could import all those good bits of Winter Wonderland (that ice cube bar sounds fascinating) and treat us Dutchies next year on some winter wonder! 😉




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