The Importance of Doing What You Love

‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

From the moment I was asked to choose my GSCE topics in high school, I wished I was someone who knew what they wanted to do. I had friends who knew they wanted to be nurses, doctors, lawyers… The choices were easy for them. All they had to do was pick the options that suited their future careers. Me? I was a little more unrealistic ambitious and had always thought bigger. I day-dreamed through my art classes, planning my move to LA in order to become the next Lauren Conrad on The Hills. Wishing I could spend seasons in New York working in fashion like Rachel on Friends or to generally just be an it girl like Gossip Girls’ Serena van der Woodson. Obviously high-school Sophie wasn’t overly realistic. You see, I didn’t realise then that it really helps if your parents are well connected multi-millionaires, or failing that, you’re just a character in a made up American tv series.

See at this point you might be thinking, yeah this all makes sense, we all have crazy dreams when we’re younger. The moral of the story is to just be realistic and to settle. Its not.

You see, in high school I wanted to be creative, fun loving fashion intern living in Hollywood L.C. so badly that I took art even though my Art teacher strongly advised me not to. I got a B and created a portfolio of work which got me accepted into a double award Applied Art course at sixth form where I was awarded double A. Unfortunately the whole of this story is still unwritten, but heres where things go a little pear shaped. Somewhere along the education line I lost my confidence and my f*ck you I’ll prove you all wrong attitude which no matter how many teachers want to argue with me over this! were definitely POSITIVE attributes which drove me to do as well as I did. BUT even though I’d done well enough to give myself a very high chance of getting into a creative school and not only doing well but enjoying it too- I didn’t. I was so scared and put off by how competitive the creative industry is (and let me tell you there are next to no creative opportunities less than an hour away from where I live) that I bailed, and chose a degree which I don’t enjoy, just to tick the degree box and to keep more options open. I also spent the next four years in jobs. Yes, jobs. Jobs that I didn’t enjoy, and although they all provided me with work experience and money, I lost all passion and interest and it was just such an unenjoyable effort.

I started blogging less than half a year ago which was a big deal for me and my under-confident self (read Choosing to Win for more on this). I had wanted to blog for a long while but couldn’t find the courage to open myself up to criticism or failure (its another one of those competitive markets). I had no idea just how much I would fall in love with writing and how much I missed being generally creative. It was both a lesson and reminder that if you don’t enjoy what you do, then so much of your waking life is being wasted by just trying to pay the bills. Find a job you love and paying the bills is just a bonus. If you’re not sure what you love yet then just keep trying new things, and don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there! Theres nothing wrong with having a more ordinary back up plan, but just don’t settle. 

46 thoughts on “The Importance of Doing What You Love

  1. I loved this post! I’m at the point of my life when I’m trying to figure out exactly what are the things I could do every day, earn money and not feel like I have to go to work in the morning 🙂 Good luck with your creative path! 🙂

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  2. Im so glad you shared this. I’ve never settled and 100% agree you should go after what you love but it can be so difficult when you are working out what that is! You will find a way to do what you love and Im so glad you started blogging I love it ❤

    Emily xx

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  3. This is beautiful. I think it’s not a race, or a ranking game. There is nothing wrong with choosing something totally ordinary, or less than glamorous for others. There’s also nothing wrong with reaching for the stars. But there’s everything wrong with settling for less than what you desire. xx

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  4. I resonated with this post so much! I’m in college right now wondering if I’m wasting money on a degree I might not use. Or if I’m being too practical when really I’m just like you said…wishing I could just be like Rachel from friends.

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  5. Yeah you are PREACHING IN THIS POST! Life is so much more rewarding when you are living a life that will bring you joy and satisfaction as opposed to having a routine monotonous life where you don’t like what you do . At the same token the tough part about being an artist is that you’re taking your heart and putting it out in a platter . For everyone to see and touch . I admire those who are bold enough to do so

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  6. I can completely relate to this 💖. I’ve spent years in jobs which I didn’t enjoy and I still dunno what I want to be when I grow up he he. Blogging is such an amazing creative outlet, I’m so glad I started one too ☺️. I hope 2018 is a brilliant year for you and you find what you want to do 💕. Very inspirational post Sophie! ✨

    Bexa |

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  7. this is TOO real. I was one of those people who always knew what they wanted to do, I was going to be a barrister. From the age of 7. Then the week before I sat down to do my UCAS application I lost it and realised I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Ended up doing a random degree I thought I might enjoy and hated it. Realistically I didn’t actually want to go to uni. But I didn’t know what else to do. So instead of taking a bit of time out to figure it out, I wasted three years doing something that made me miserable. Only to have to figure out later. But it taught me to always follow my gut! x


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    1. omg how strange! Our experiences are way too similar haha! It sucks doesn’t it, but at least we’ve both learnt lessons from it! I have my fingers crossed for both of us that we enjoy what we do!x


  8. Great post! It’s so easy to get discouraged in this generation especially by looking at other people’s success but I think we need to remember each person has their own unique journey and it’s not about competition! I hope you can pursue what you are really passionate about! 💕

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  9. I love how honest this is. I had a bit of a hard headed attitude about wanting to do physics but htnakfully gave it up to do creative writing and english, which is what I’m good at. (or just not as bad at as everything else.) It’s though though, people, especially in schoo, tell you so many mixed and counteracting messages, no wonder most people are lost. I’m glad you’re going for what you love. These are our lives, we shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect.

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