5 Essential Apps

5 Essential Apps For Bloggers!

We are the age of the influencer. All kinds of brands from high street to high end are paying attention to and investing in our social media crazed selves, and why? Because bloggers and social influencers have impact. Our generation (whether its healthy or not) lives with phone in hand. We spend every waking hour scrolling through Instagram because we’re nosey… but make sure some of that screen time is utilised building your own brand and social media presence too.

Since I started blogging and influencing, my social media obsession has risen to a whole new level! I cringe at memories of my own Instagram page a mere few years ago, when I thought it was acceptable to post poorly lit, boring photos and not even often! Now, I’m aware of all kinds of Instagram pressures… people work their butts off to stick to a theme and we’re all doing anything and everything we can to increase engagement!  Running a blog is basically an extra full time job and don’t even get me started on how stressful I used to find trying to remember to promote myself through strategically timed tweets!

Any bloggers out there feeling panicky yet? Don’t sweat it. I’ve discovered some time saving, image enhancing, simply genius apps that are about to change your life.

1. Lightroom

If you live in the UK and are anything like myself, you’ll agree that the winter months are hellish. There are many reasons I’m of this opinion, but the only relevant one is that its always dark. We all know that great images are one of (if not THE) most important part of social media success, but rain and the general dreary-ness of the British winter make light, bright, pretty photography next to impossible. Thats where Lightroom comes in. An editing app which not only allows you to control the brightness and highlights, but also the colour… small tweaks and it can completely transform your photo.

5 Essential Apps
Before                                  After

2. Canva

Canva is basically graphic design for dummies! Its my go-to app for creating blog headers, twitter banners, and even my brand logo! Its so easy to use, has so many inspiring fonts and templates, and even looks after the technicalities for you, with templates that are the exact sizing needed for twitter posts and headers, blog graphics… the list goes on.

5 Essential Apps

3. Planoly

Planoly is for the Instagram obsessed organiser! A planning app which lets you dummy post to your Instagram feed, it allows you to rearrange and jiggle around planned images to find the most aesthetically pleasing order. I love using it to see how new images will look alongside my existing content, and there have been so many times where its allowed me to reassess which images to post on which days to make my feed look more in sync!

5 Essential Apps

4. Follow Free

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t been royally f*cked by the new Instagram algorithm? For many of us its been an uphill struggle, we’re having to work much harder to stay relevant, get decent engagement and we’re praying we gain followers rather than loose them. With so many accounts abusing the ‘follow to unfollow’ trick, its difficult to trust that new followers will stay. Any accounts that follow me and whose content I like, I’ll follow back. I then check and manage unfollowers every few weeks using the follow free app.

5. Buffer

I can’t be the only blogger who struggles to keep relevant and on top of all of the social media platforms, alongside everything else that’s going on in my day to day life!? My twitter can really suffer when I’m having a hectic day, which is so frustrating because we all know what a great platform it is for promoting blog posts! The buffer app is an absolute lifesaver if you’re having this issue, because it remembers to post for you! All you have to do is queue some tweets, and the rest is taken care of- you have complete control over what times the tweets get published and how many times per day the app posts on your behalf!

I hope you love these apps as much as I do and that they free up some of your time for more enjoyable things! Let me know if there are any apps that I’ve missed but that are essential to your blogging routine!

67 thoughts on “5 Essential Apps For Bloggers!

  1. I absolutely adore Buffer, it’s brilliant! Now that I’m on the paid plan, I can schedule a day’s worth of tweets in minutes just by ‘rebuffering’ old ones, which is amazing when you’re in a rush! I’ve heard amazing things about Lightroom but still haven’t downloaded it, that will be this evening’s task!

    Abbey x

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  2. Such an informative post! I need to start using more apps for my blog and I think I will definitely be looking at Canva and Buffer cause I think they be a great starting point for me!

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  3. I loooove Canva, it’s so user friendly, and I like Buffer too, although I only use the free plan ATM. My current photo editing apps are a combination of Color Story and Snapseed. I’ve not heard of Lightroom but that looks like a godsend, I shall have to check it out, thank you for some great tips! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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  4. I hadn’t heard of some of these apps – will definitely be checking them out! I hate the whole follow/unfollow thing – I don’t understand why people go through the effort of it when people can find out you’ve unfollowed?! It’s such a waste of time!


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  5. You shared some really important things. I have been blogging for the past 8-9 months and I never use any apps. I do everything manually and always wait for the time of the day to take pictures when the brightness is perfect. It has become my full time job. I still need to learn a lot. thanks for sharing these great tips. 🙂


  6. Lightroom and Canva are my go-to photo editing apps! I love using them both! I haven’t heard of Planoly but it sounds like a very useful app! This is a great list! Thanks for sharing!

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