The Staple Coat Style

The Staple Coat Style: Winter/ Spring Edit

I’m so excited for the arrival of Spring, but when it comes to fashion, March and April are tricky. They’re those odd in-between months when you’re just not sure whether to stick to your Winter wear or to prematurely crack out the Summer styles. If you’re looking for a staple coat I’d say that Trench style coats are definitley the way to go. They’re my favourite type of coat to style because they effortlessly dress up any outfit and work really well for both Winter and Spring.

The Staple Coat Style

This coat is from Jaeger, but I’ve had it a while so unfortunately its no longer on their website. It’s perfect paired with dark colours in Winter, but the light grey is really versatile so when paired with pale pinks and other Spring staple colours, it transitions into the ever so slightly warmer weather really well.

The Staple Coat Style


My pick of Jaeger’s new season is this double face coat which is similar in length and its neutral easy to wear style. I think its absolutely gorgeous and have been arguing with myself for a while now over whether I really need another coat!




You probably know by now that for any staple piece I’m a huge fan of neutral palettes. I highly approve of camel colours, which are super easy to wear and so versatile. My Ted Baker coat is perfect for Spring but looks great on those cold, bright Winter days too. I love how many different ways it can be worn- with or without the belt and with the collar down or pulled up (as shown on the John Lewis site). Ted Baker are a bit of a pain with their sizing through- mine is a size 2.

The Staple Coat Style

Do you like trench coats too? Let me know how you prefer to style them x

56 thoughts on “The Staple Coat Style: Winter/ Spring Edit

  1. You look absolutely stunning in them Sophie! And, I just can‘t figure out, which actress looks just exactly like you. I‘ll message you the name, if I remember who it was, but anyways: Those coats really are beautiful and they all suit you very well!
    xx Hilal

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  2. I do love a camel trench coat, it’s so stylish (as you so ably demonstrate) but not very practical for me just now. County living and school runs do not mix with pale colours, sadly, so my coat of choice/necessity is a good old Fat Face parka! Lovely post and photos xx

    Lisa |

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    1. Yeah I agree that they’re not the most practical, I live in the county too and you can usually catch me in a Jack Wills down filled coat over Winter haha! These are purely my ‘going out’ coats haha. Thank you Lisa x


  3. I love both the coats you’re wearing, they look like they’re so easy to style! I love wearing coats but I hate having to wear them in Winter if that makes sense? I just really don’t like the cold weather haha xx

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  4. Omg I love these pics of you sophie! Like you’re just stunning and I love your honey blonde…These coats are gorgeous, the tan color is my fave then the charcoal one. I’ve always adored trench coats but my weather doesn’t really call for them so I just wear long cardigans instead tehe. Thanks for sharing 🙂 ❤

    xx Lena |

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  5. Oh my gosh I love these coats, they look incredible on you, especially the Ted Baker one, how gorgeous ♡
    I can never pull off a trench coat, don’t ask me why, I just look really odd which sucks because they are the perfect Spring coat.
    Lovely post!

    Jessica xo |

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  6. I LOVE coats like these so much!! They look so classy. I literally had a kids one that was hot pink when I was like 8 haha!! My fashion sense has evolved a little bit since then but I still love this type of style! Nice post. 😉

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