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10 Small Ways to Show Kindness

One of my new year resolutions was to be more kind. I know, its pretty vague… what does being more kind even mean? I wanted to show kindness in an attainable way, no grand (hugely time and money consuming) gestures, just a little more kindness throughout the day to make a more positive impact. The following is a list of the things that I’ve been doing for the past couple of months, and will continue to do. I would 100% recommend introducing proactive ways of showing more kindness to anyone who is looking to set themselves little life challenges or to generally improve on themselves. Doing so involves such little effort but its super rewarding. These tips are all really small and easy ways of showing kindness, promise.

  • Donate to your local food bank

No, you don’t have to drive all the way there or spend a fortune. I’ve been picking up a little something each time I do a supermarket shop, and I simply drop it off in one of the food-bank collection points. The majority of medium/large supermarkets have one, so you’re more than likely walking right by it on your way out of the store anyway. I rarely spend any more than a pound each time I shop on things like soup, rice, pasta or cereal. I can certainly go without a packet of biscuits or sweets so that someone else can have a meal.

  • Everyone loves to be Fed

Everyone loves the work colleague who brings in surprise treats for the office (my office is pretty small, this may not be so easy for someone who works with hundreds of people!). Bake some cupcakes (I usually enlist the help of Betty Crocker) or even just pick up some cookies from the shop, it will definitely brighten up everyones coffee break!

Ways to Show Kindness

  • Be aware of others

Be polite. I’m always so shocked when someone doesn’t hold the door for me or put their hand up in thanks after I’ve consciously stopped to let them out of a junction. If a waiter has done a good job then tip well, and if you receive excellent service anywhere then let a manager know! Being more aware of other people and their needs is basically just having some manners. I’m sure the majority of people already live by this tip, but there are definitely a few who are ruining common curtesy for the rest of us!

  • Donate to animal shelters

This tip is as easy as the food bank one, so many supermarkets have collection points for animal shelters. When you’re picking out food for your own pet (or happen to be walking past that aisle) then grab some extra food if you can afford to. There are a lot of cute little animals out there who will appreciate it. I got my kitty after volunteering at Cats Protection for a couple of days and I wish I could have helped them all more!

Ways to Show Kindness

  • Show appreciation

You don’t have to be the first one to initiate kindness. When someone is kind to you, then show them that you appreciate it. Thank people who hold the door open for you or let you out of a junction (yes I’ll stop going on about it now). Sending thank you cards for gifts and the like is a really simple way of showing appreciation, but it seems to be a rarity nowadays no, a thank you text or Facebook message is not the same thing.

  • One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure

Donating unwanted things to charity shops is something which most of us do, but most of us can donate more. I’m not talking about giving away things that you still use and love, but of donating literal rubbish. Cats Protection (yes I’m on about kitties again) are always in need of old towels that a lot of people throw away, they also (along with a few other charities) collect biscuit wrappers which earn them money through the TerraCycle program. Get a lot of mail? Many charities collect used postage stamps, which they can also trade in for money, you can read more about how to support Macmillan with stamps here.

  • Look after your loved ones (even when you’re busy)

Sometimes we all tell ourselves that we’re too busy to visit our parents and grandparents or to actually catch up with friends rather than just talking about it. Make time. Buy your other half flowers or make them their favourite dinner, offer to pick up a few groceries for someone (especially if you know they’re busy) … making time shows people that you care.

  • Spread the love

Got some spare time? You know you’re going to spend it scrolling through social media anyways, so why don’t you drop some nice comments here and there. People put a lot of time and effort into taking pictures for Instagram or thinking of ideas for blog posts, a little love won’t go un-noticed, especially on the smaller accounts. I’m currently loving Becca Hargate’s (from Nude, Pink or Black) Instagram, so do your good deed for the day (and brighten up your feed) by checking her out!


  • Become an Organ Donor

This one takes five minutes of your time (if that) and you could literally save lives at the end of your own. Register here, if you haven’t already.

  • Save some kindness for home too

I can’t be the only one who manages to exhaust my kindness supply right in time for getting home? I spend all day (even the bad ones) smiling at strangers and making small talk with acquaintances, by home time I’ve (without meaning to) completely run out of niceties and am super grouchy towards the people that I actually love. If you’re anything like me in that respect, then try your hardest to be upbeat when your partner walks through the door, they may have had a bad day too and grouchy people together is a recipe for disaster.

Please let me know of any other ways you try and show kindness in you day to day life! There’s always room for more! x

71 thoughts on “10 Small Ways to Show Kindness

  1. There are some lovely ideas here. My favourites are (unsurprisingly) about helping Cats Protection, partly because we got one of our cats from here too. And I’m with you on people needing to have manners and say thank you when you hold a door open or let them out at a junction. Doesn’t always happen and it REALLY grinds my gears. I love your tip about saving some kindness for home too, it’s something we all need to remember. Lovely post, Sophie, I really enjoyed reading this xx

    Lisa |

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  2. Call people and tell them you love them. Anyone can send a text. Be intentional and speak to the person you care about.💕 —

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  3. Yes!! Every little bit of kindness even small acts of kindness can make someone’s day! At my university they sometimes collect cans to donate. I sometimes forget about bringing in a can, but it’s always an amazing feeling donating to help someone in need.

    I always take a lot of snacks with me from home so that way when I get to university I can offer some cookies etc. I usually have the mindset of if I eat then I have to offer to everyone else 🙂

    I can definitely relate to being a bit shocked when someone doesn’t hold the door open when I’m a few steps behind them. I personally always hold the door open and always look behind me to see if someone’s there.

    And yes to complimenting workers on their work! When I was at a cafe waiting for my chai latte I noticed the same person that would be making my chai latte was making latte art; after I grabbed my chai I made sure to compliment her because I know how hard latte art is to make – says the person who actually has never attempted and will probably never attempt to make latte art hahaha.

    Oh! Your cat looks so adorable especially in the snow!!

    Also, I’ve been trying to get back into commenting on photos since I know how much work & editing goes into getting that perfect photo and writing a blogpost! 🙂


    1. I totally agree with you! Its so easily done to forget a few times! I’ve accidentally binned wrappers before out of habit and then kicked myself! It sounds like you’re definitely doing your bit to spread kindness though, taking extra snacks in is super kind of you! Thank you for reading lovely x


  4. This is such a lovely post Sophie! Being kind doesn’t take a lot of effort, everyone should aim to do at least one of these things. I’ve always tried to appreciate someone if they’ve done something nice. It’s the little things that can make someone’s day! xx

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  5. Sophie,

    Firstly, your blog is so beautiful! You’re literally putting me to shame.
    Secondly, this post was written so perfectly! My favourite was “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, it instantly reminded me of Katy Perry’s song Double Rainbow!
    Thirdly, thank you for giving me that idea to donate to a local food bank! Never thought of that at all.

    I just had to subscribe to your blog! Your writing is brilliant! XX



  6. I like your point about being kind at home. So often we are kind to others, and then come home and take our happy faces off for the day. Our loved ones also deserve kindness from us, especially when they haven’t seen us all day!

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  7. It’s great that you are aiming to be kinder this year! Power to you for taking that step forward. I’m happy that you’re donating to the food bank! I love donating to animal shelters- specifically ones for rescuing kittens. Your cat is so adorable! Thanks for sharing ways to show kindness :).

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  8. This is such a lovely post Sophie 💕. Baking cakes and treats for work colleagues is such a nice idea. I love how you mention Cats Protection, I never thought about donating my old towels to them. Such a great suggestion. Next time I have a clear out, I’ll definitely bear that in mind. Thanks for the fab post lovely 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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  9. Aww I love these!! You’ve really inspired me to think of a few of my own too. I love doing anything I can to show appreciation to the people I love no matter how big or small. Once I’m well enough to work again I promised myself I’d put away some money each month to give to charity or buy homeless people food etc, such small things can help so much!
    Alice Xx

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  10. Such a sweet post! Reminds us all that small acts of kindness really do go a long way! I’m definitely going to use some of these ideas myself. In particular the idea of bringing some sweet treats into work for colleagues! That could brighten anyones long working day! 🙂

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  11. These are such lovely ideas, we can all do with showing more kindness and these are perfect ways to start. I need to actively try to keep these in mind more often. Fantastic post

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  12. I totally agree with all of these points!
    I was soooo happy that I constantly could remember my good deeds when I‘ve resd through your list.
    The aspect about organ donating is so important! I mean, you won’t lose anything after you’re dead, but instead you would be the person who helps others to live. I was planning on doing this, and being a blood donor too. Especially the ones with a very rare blood group should consider being a donor, since these are the most wanted and most needed!
    I appreciate that you took your time to write about such an important topic!
    xx Hilal |

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  13. What a sweet and lovely post! I have a colleague who always brings us back treats when she’s travelling which I think is so kind of her. I also need to make an effort to see some of my family more and like you said, actually catch up instead of just talking about it! x


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  14. I’m an organ donor. 🙂 So are my children, at least until they turn 18 and can decide for themselves.
    We also regularly donate to the charity shop. We’re in the process of moving now – and are going through their toys now to see what’s going into the donation box. 🙂
    Every Xmas we donate a toy at the local toy shop (you can buy one that goes in their donation box) and we regularly donate to the food bank. 🙂

    It’s little things – but they can make such a big difference to someone. And every child deserves a gift for Xmas. 🙂


  15. This was such a great post! Kindness costs nothing and I always try to go out of my way to be nice to people even strangers, you don’t know how much a smile in the street/a compliment may make their day! You included loads of good ideas, I didn’t know about charities collecting old stamps and things so I’ll definitely look more into that!

    Jess //

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  16. I love this list, thanks so much for the inspiration. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my own head and feelings, that I forget to take the time out to do things (even small things) for others!

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  17. Loved this post, so inspiring! I had no idea there are places that’ll take used stamps. I can totally do that! Also, now I feel like spring cleaning and donating all of my random stuff that I’ve been hoarding at home lately!

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  18. I really enjoyed this post! I don’t think people are kind enough to each other and we all need to listen to Ellen Degeneres and Be Kind To One Another ❤

    Em ~

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  19. What a great post! These are realistic suggestions that we can all do. I love the food bank idea and love that you mention thank you cards! I thought I was old school by still sending thank you notes haha xx Sarah Elle

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  20. I love this. It is such a big deal to be kind and do good for someone else. It literally gives you the beat feeling and I’m happy to see this. Donating and helping out animal shelters have been on my to do list but I still haven’t yet. Hopefully I get to it soon!❤️

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  21. Omg Sophie this just made me smile so big! It always warms my hearting reading stuff like this and seeing others encourage people to be kind. Kindness really can be shown in some of the simplest ways and can get some of the biggest results, liking making someone’s day. I’m the type to bake and bring to the office as well & I try to donate to homeless shelters as well or children’s orphanages. Loveeee this! ♥️ ♥️♥️♥️

    xx Lena |

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  22. Kindness is so important <3. It's easily overlooked or shoved to the side. I have this rule that I have to do one kind thing a day. Even if it's only saying leaving a comment on a blog, lending someone a pen at school or something else small. Even a small thing can make someones day! Loved this post!

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  23. Such a great post & resolution. I’ve donated clothes multiple times this year already and it feels so good to do so. I completely agree about being kind at home b/c sometimes we let our days consume us and take it out on the people closest to us. Thanks for giving me other ideas.


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