Internet Drama: Get Over It

It was last June, as a new blogger, that I began to notice the phrase ‘blogger drama’. Being new on the scene, I was pretty baffled by it and struggled to grasp what about being a blogger could be so dramatic. Fast-forward to the present day and unfortunately, I’ve become a little more savvy. You’re probably pretty savvy too, otherwise, why would you be here?

I’ll begin by saying that as a blogger, I’ve found Twitter to be one of the best and most useful social media sites. Through it I’ve made connections with brands and bloggers, I’ve found a great deal of amazing, inspiring content, and if that wasn’t enough, I have also utilised it to drive traffic back to my own blog. Despite its many benefits, I believe that one of Twitter’s best and also worst qualities is its abundance and diversity of opinions. Surely though, that isn’t Twitter’s fault? Twitter enables millions of users to follow like-minded content, to tweet feelings and experiences and stories and opinions. How we use that freedom is entirely up to ourselves as users.


Thankfully, almost a year into my blogging journey I’ve managed to successfully avoid all direct ‘blogger drama’. I haven’t managed, however, to avoid all drama. Whether you’re a blogger or not, there are people sitting in their online bubble who possess Twitter accounts seemingly for the sole purpose of causing arguments. It doesn’t matter how uncontroversial you may think your tweet is, these strange and damaged people (or possibly bots, I don’t know how those things work) who arguably enjoy challenging themselves to find a flaw or offence in order to shit on both your tweet and your day.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that I’m not perfect (can you sense the sarcasm, or do I need to clarify?). Although I would love to preach this lesson in a concise manner, maybe via a meaningful (and unoriginal) one-liner like; ‘turn the other cheek’, it would make me a hypocrite. It would also turn this into a rather short and boring post (and save me an awful lot of time). To my own shame I admit that in the past I’ve allowed myself to be dragged into an argument, all because (someone who didn’t even follow me) had an issue with one of my pro-environmentally friendly tweets. I mean, clearly, this guy hates the whole world. I’ve since reflected on this personal discrepancy and have come to the conclusion that arguing with a stranger online not only caused my blood pressure to rocket and wasted a good hour of my life (during which I argued back and also ranted about the situation to my poor other-half) but it was also an absolute waste of MY time. Obviously this very angry person who negatively engaged with a tweet that he could have just scrolled past, was not going to listen to reason.


If you’ve been involved in any kind of online drama (which is very likely if you’re reading this post), then you may or may not have come to the same conclusion as I did. IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT.

Despite not even following some of the accounts that seem to constantly be in the midst of all the (usually blogger) drama, thanks to Twitter showing me the ‘likes’ of the people I follow, it manages to spread much like a plague (or at least a pretty nasty cold) into my view. Trust me, I know how tempting it is to click onto the thread and read the hundreds of tweets, all furiously typed out by different Twitter owners who decided to allocate their time and energy into unnecessarily involving themselves. I don’t know, maybe some of these people think that they have good reasons, maybe they’re defending a friend who has posted a seemingly innocent tweet that an unfortunate, clearly bored person has started a witch-hunt against. (If you’re the unfortunate, clearly bored person who has caused the drama in the first place, then you need more help than this post. Consider whether you’d have the audacity to go up to a stranger in the street and speak those words to their face, if you would, then you’d be better off reading a post like ‘how to be a nicer person’, but we’ve already established that you don’t allocate your time well.

Twitter is not high school, there is absolutely no need for bitchy comments and judgemental people that think they’re better than you because they’re vegan or skinnier* or have a higher follower count etc. etc. Once you have noticed said drama, I’d advise you to follow either of these two options:

  1. Scroll past it and carry on with your day! (have a good one)
  2. Take action! Find out whether you follow any of these unnecessarily negative nelly’s and click UNFOLLOW. If you don’t follow them, then head over to their account and click ‘mute’. Unless you have a serious and direct issue with someone then I wouldn’t advise that you click ‘block’ because this can just cause even further drama (when they find out that you’ve blocked them, get all offended and proceed to tweet about how nasty you are).

If the drama has come directly to your virtual doorstep, then I’d advise you to reconsider your tweet. Is it possible that you wrote it in a hurry or a temper and didn’t realise that it could come across as offensive? If so, delete it, apologise and move on. (It’s probably not the case, but its worth a second thought.)
If you stand by your tweet, then follow the steps outlined above. Either simply ignore the negative replies or ‘mute’ the rude son of a bitch that felt inclined to put a downer on your day!

None of this is groundbreaking advice, but if like me, you needed a little self-reflection and encouragement to leave that drama alone, then I hope I’ve helped! Next time you ignore any negativity then grab yourself a beverage and take a small moment to congratulate yourself on GETTING OVER IT and spending your precious time on more productive and enjoyable things.

*I have nothing against vegans or skinny girls, these were used purely as (hopefully comedic) examples so please don’t start any blogger drama over here!

29 thoughts on “Internet Drama: Get Over It

  1. Yess! I totally agree! Twitter can be both a source of positivity and negativity at the same time. Thankfully I’ve avoided all the big blogger drama. Like you say, scroll past and carry on with your day is always the best thing to do. Fab advice Sophie 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  2. Oh my god, yes! I usually don’t really see it either, but sometimes someone will like a tweet and it will come on my feed and I’ll read it and just think “why?” Luckily I’ve avoided all drama so far while blogging and I hope to keep it that way haha. Great post!


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  3. 1000% agree with this post! I LOVE twitter. It’s sooo useful, but it can also be full of drama! I do try my best to stay away from it also. But you always see it on the newsfeed! Love this post Xxx

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  4. Like you, I’ve managed to scroll past a lot of blogger drama without ever getting involved. It’s not worth it. Years ago I sent an email which was misinterpreted and caused a fair bit of aggro. Ever since then, I’ve tried very hard to proof anything I tweet, just in case. If I’m not sure, I don’t tweet. Some might see that as censorship, I just see it as being careful. Fab post and advice, Sophie, thank you! X

    Lisa |

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  5. I 100% agree with every word here. It’s one of the things I dislike the most about Twitter, the fact it feels the need to tell you what other people are liking or involved in. I’ve never been involved in any blogger drama either but I feel like that silly notification never fails at filling you in anyway. You’re so right, it’s unnecessary. It’s also very easy to keep scrolling. This was a great read x


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  6. Thankfully a year and a half into blogging and I haven’t had any direct blogging drama either, but man has there been drama in the last year. I don’t mind reading it, I find it shocking and sometimes keeps you in the loop. I have never involved myself by tweeting/subtweeting either. Great post!

    Melina |


  7. There’s so much drama in the blogosphere nowadays! I remember starting out a few years ago and not seeing any negativity. But I agree with you, it’s better not to engage because it makes it so much worse. Though I’m not going to lie, sometimes I live for the drama haha. But generally online drama is not fun at all xx


  8. Couldn’t agree more! I love Twitter for so many reasons, and whilst I’ve never been directly involved in any drama, it’s hard to avoid seeing any on there!


  9. Twitter can be a minefield for drama I swear, I always seem to miss it and just hear small bits after and get a bit what’s happened this time?

    I love the blogging community, but there always seems to be something going on!


  10. I totally agree with you! Some people are just looking to create negativity and drama and by playing their game, you are just letting them win! Best thing is to ignore and move on (obviously not all situations). Love the tips you have given! xx

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  11. There seems to be so much drama in the blogging world recently. I think one of the most valuable tool as a blogger on twitter is the block/report button.
    If you see anything particularly abusive then reporting them will not only help you avoid it but also help the victim of the abuse. Don’t be afraid to unfollow and block.
    It’s so therapeutic removing the toxicity from your timeline.

    Louisa |

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  12. You’re right. Trying to rise above it and not bite can be hard but in the long run it’s for the best. I always try to take 30 minutes before responding. Gives you time to calm down and rationalise your response. Sometimes you realise it isn’t even worth your time to respond. The mute button on Twitter is your friend too!

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  13. Absolutely love this! Twitter is a great platform to promote your blog my traffic increased so much when I started using it and there are so many other supportive bloggers but I do agree that people cause unnecessary drama sometimes! Luckily I’ve managed to avoid it all for now, great post and advice though lovely!

    Jess //

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  14. You are absolutely right! I have encountered a couple of incidents, first two I did respond, then I learnt, like you say raising my blood pressure and responding it’s just a waste of my time! Some people are just out to argue for argument sake, or I think court controversy for followers and cause drama! Either way I’d rather keep it positive and walk on by xx

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  15. I completely agree with this! Twitter drama can get so ridiculous, sometimes I think people just need to take a step back. It is such a positive, engaging platform but that does bring negatives too. You offered some great advice here Sophie 🙂


  16. Great post Sophie! I’m not as active on Twitter as I would like to be because I think it’s such a great platform to connect with people on. But then again, unnecessary online drama can tend to put me off. I think all the points you made in this post are completely true! Love the tips as well! Simple but definitely effective!


  17. Twitter can be so exhausting some times. Like anything can offend anyone for no reason, making it not as enjoyable as it should be. Also sometimes you see an injustice turned into a drama but you’re too afraid to get involved because you don’t want everyone to turn against you. Also, drama is not specific to the internet or blogging. It is in every single industry


  18. Oh gosh blogger drama stresses me out and I’ve never once been a part of it publicly. I did however have a woman message me recently about a Facebook blogger group I c0-run and bite my head off because she posted 11 of her (admittedly rather strange) blog links within a couple of hours and someone complained she was spamming the group. I ended up having no choice but to block her as I was nothing but civil and nice and she was one of the most nasty and condescending people I’ve ever spoken to, despite me doing nothing wrong! It’s crazy the type of people you come across on the internet and quite scary too sometimes as keyboard warriors can say some bloody horrid things. I’ll always do my best to stay out of it, I’m too old for this shit!
    Alice Xx


  19. I’m still a pretty new blogger so thankfully haven’t been involved yet! But I have definitely seen this happen already and I think it is such a shame! I always scroll past mainly because i’m training to become a doctor and don’t want anything from online to be thrown against me! But it can be so difficult sometimes when people can say such horrible things!

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  20. I don’t even think drama is kept to twitter, it gets dragged over from instagram and it gets dragged from twitter to instagram! I do agree with everything you say and I definitely feel like some days you could tweet ‘its raining’ and someone would take offence to it!

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  21. the ‘this guy hates the whole world’ comment made me chuckle aha! You’re absolutely right, sometimes I tweet things that aren’t even offensive and there has to be SOMEONE in my mentions finding something to complain about – the best thing is to just ignore them! x

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